Monday, August 6, 2012

A note for tumblr's 'thinspo and pro-ana' community

I am so tired of pro-anorexia bullshit. Everywhere. I just saw something on tumblr that really pisses me off. *For those of you that don't know, tumblr is another blog site, mainly consisting of still and moving pictures and quotes*. Anyway, I thought I would share my frustration with this blog. 
This is something I just posted to my tumblr. I doubt it will get 1/10 of the 'posts' that the original post will receive, but I don't care. I will be happy if even one person reads what I have to say and knows that you don't have to be a size zero to be beautiful.
So here it is. In the pink.
A quote that came across my tumblr dashboard (reblogged multiple times):
“YOU WILL be thin. You will be happy. You will wear bikinis. You will be the skinny one. You will have that gap. You will have that flat stomach. You will not be ashamed of your body. You will be beautiful. You will weigh less. You will eat less. You will exercise more. You will do what it takes. You will KEEP GOING.”
You WILL BE beautiful?? Am I the only one who sees what’s wrong with this picture? Why are you only beautiful and confident if you have a thigh gap and a flat stomach??
You will eat less? OH YAY!! I cannot wait to eat less! Life goal, complete. I am now totally self-fulfilled and completely happy, now that the number on the scale defines me as beautiful and thin. Because apparently those all go hand in hand. Thin=happy, beautiful, confident, healthy, strong. How ridiculous and pathetic.
Side note for those of you that reblog the aforementioned quote thinking that this seems like a healthy mindset and way of life: this post was made from a pro-anorexia blog. So just take a minute and think that over. I don’t think a mental illness will make you any happier. Just sayin’.
I know it seems a little harsh, but I was upset. I am tired of the photoshopping and the idealizing of unrealistic Victoria's Secret bodies. Maybe it's just me, but I find 'normal' or 'curvy' women so much more attractive.
I'm not saying that skinny people cannot be beautiful, too. They can, and they are-if they are healthy. But to say that these are the only beautiful people is outrageous and abominable.
P.s. This is a 'plus size' model.
Society is so messed up.

But I love you all <3 


  1. Oh I love how "normal" is plus sized.
    It is an industry gone crazy.
    We are all beautiful, regardless of size, shape, colour and anything else.
    Love you <3

  2. Ouch, that girl is plus-sized?? Yes, there is something seriously wrong with the world. I totally agree with everything you wrote here. Pro-ana sites make me sick, but I also find the general public's obsession with weight loss and dieting pretty triggering too. It seems like you can't open a a magazine or website without getting bombarded with weight loss tips, or ads telling you that you need to lose weight to be happy. That's so hard for those of us in recovery, because our treatment teams tell us that weight obsessions are symptoms of an illness, while society tells us the opposite! I also find healthy, curvy girls more attractive, although it's hard to make that connection in my head about my own body. Anorexia really is a crazy illness, and it makes me sad that whoever makes those pro-ana sites isn't getting the help they obviously need. Hang in there and remember that you are recovering FOR YOURSELF, no matter how much those icky sites try to tell you otherwise!

  3. I don't get how that model is considered a plus-sized. She's beautiful, healthy and happy. What's wrong with that?

    I hate pro-ana sites as well. :P I wish there's a way I can reach through the computer and shake those girls' heads upside down for being so stupid to support something sickening like this.

  4. Some things are so wrong with our society!

    I try very hard to not read the tabloids of hollywood people for several reasons. 1) I figure we as a society already pay them way too much. 2) I don't like that we feed the frenzy of 'this star is fat because she is wearing sweatpants' and 3) I don't like "ideals" that are set up for women. Really, post pregnancy women can only get back to their preshape QUICKLY if they have the genetics and/or they work out 8 hours a day with someone else taking care of their child. Normal people cannot and should not expect the same results.

  5. Oh, and about the plus size and zero size: I read last year or two years ago about how other countries are taking a stand on minors who are models not being extremely thin/anorexic.

    Trying to find the source, I came up with this info about Vogue for this year

    I wish companies would stop making one outfit for every size and instead focus on making things that would look good on the size they're making. I remember seeing a size 20 ultra mini-skirt att the store and wondering WHO would wear that. Sadly, I've seen that question answered on the street too often. . . . or women of any size who stuff themselves into too tight clothing in order to say, "I am a size __ because that is what I'm wearing today".

    A close acquaintance is OCD and she has a thyroid illness. She can gain/lose weight based on how her thryoid medication is adjusted, and she can, thanks to her OCD, restrict her daily calories to 500 a day to "lose weight". I think our society needs to focus more on nutrition and being well than on living an image that people 1200 or 500 years ago didn't honor.

  6. Secret reader coming out of the closet just to say that I agree. 100%. It is disgusting how we differentiate between bodies, defining a thin body as the only one worth having.

  7. Im sorry but this girl is beautiful and i agree with what you are saying about the society being messed up. that girl is not plus sized and it bothers me how all these people are going pro-anorexic. what kind of image does that send to all the younger girls!?!?! i know so many little girls no more than 6 who hate themselves becasue they think there fat and there so small. it really bothers me. i support this blog and keep getting the message out!!

  8. I am 5'9", weighing between 150-160 for the past 10 years, I wear size 8-10 Jeans and I DO NOT feel plus sized and its ridiculous that someone can state that that woman is a plus sized model. Dont you have to wear a "plus size" to be a plus sized model?