Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Questions, anyone?

I'm thinking I'm going to do a Q&A post sometime soon.
I've had several readers email me asking various questions, and I'm just gonna open up to anyone that wants to know.. well, anything!

So comment on here or email me at haleylovesgreen@gmail.com, and I will try to answer any questions you may have about me, running, eating, life, my favorite color ;), whatever!!
Your questions will remain anonymous, by the way.
4th of July swimming with my boy! I miss him!
As for me, I had a great 9 mile run this morning. I am finally feeling energized. I'm not bloated from eating too much, and I'm not weak from hunger. Remember that food is your friend. It makes your legs go fast! ;) At least that's what I'm hoping for my 12 mile run (with 5 miles @ progressive tempo pace) tomorrow!
Also, I made a 96 on my first Chem 2 test yesterday. :) Life is good!

P.S. Conrad started blogging again. Check it out. :P

Lots of love!!
<3 Haley



    1. Why are you so freaking hot? Just sayin ;)

    2. When are you moving to London to run with me?

    3. (Serious question! :P) When/How did you start running?

    I'LL MISS YOU cos I'm leaving tomorrow :( But I'll catch up big time when I get back!

    LOVE YOU <3

    P.S. ENJOY your tempo tomorrow!! Sounds like SO much fun!!

    P.P.S. 96 on your Chem test?! You GENIUS:)

  2. I love these Q&A posts!

    1) How has running helped you/hurt you in your recovery?

    2) What role has your relationship with God played in your life and recovery?

    3) If you had only one day left to live, what would you do?

  3. I like Ash's #1 question because I would ask that too. Obviously in recovery, gaining weight is important, but it's pretty tough for most runners to gain. I'd also love to know the best way to get faster and build speed.

    I hope your tempo run goes well :). I've noticed that when I eat well I have much better runs. Our bodies really respond when we give them what they're asking for!


  4. You go girl!!! <3 I'm psyched about your Q&A- I second all of Ash's questions, but I'll be thinking of some of my own to ask you. I hope your 12 mile run goes great tomorrow!

  5. Haleeeeeeeeeeeeey you're beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllll :)

    How long have you and Conrad been together? How did you meet?

  6. DAYUM GIRL!! your bod is so so hot- do not ever think less of it!! i wud take th

  7. Hey beautiful, thank you for your comment!
    I've been reading through some of your posts and wow - you are an incredibly strong person. I hope you realize that. Recovery ain't easy, life ain't easy but you are truely trying and doing your very best.
    It makes me so proud of you, and hopeful for your future. You can do this, trust me.
    Together we'll beat the disorded forces and show them that we have the right to live a healthy and good life.

    And I love your words of truth : Food is our friend! Our survival depends on it.

    Keep going, you are a champion!

  8. Hey you! Nolan and I say HI. We were just checking out your awesome new haircut. You look great!!!!

  9. I am looking forward to the Q and A!

  10. I love you.
    Keep fighting and feeding that tiny body, beautiful big soul of yours.
    Big {{{hugs}}}

  11. I love Q & A's!
    I want to know more about you and Connor's relationship :)

  12. Haha my friend has that bathing suit and her aunt asker her if the letters stand for "right boob" and "other boob". Congrats on your awesome run and grade!!

    1. how long have you been running? were there times when you plateaued and times when you made significant progress?

    2. how did you deal with getting yourself to a healthy weight while running, especially when there is so much emphasis on lighter = faster?

  13. Because I live Iin Australia and I'm a 400 runner, my competitive season doesn't begin until september. I'm going okay in my recovery now but I'm really scared about being at the track around all those other girls who are probably as sick as I was and wanting to ditch my meal plan. Do you have any advice on how to deal with those thoughts at an event like that?
    Also, kind of to do with that, do you think running might have made you more vulnerable to feeling the need to be skinny?
    You look beautiful by the way, and so so happy!
    Food IS our friend, or as my nutritionist calls it 'the peterol to my engine'

  14. "Why are you so freaking hot?"
    Hahahaha I love Emma!

    My question is, did your doctor/nutritionist ever tell you that you should stop running and/or exercising?

  15. Oh I love your new background!! I usually just read ya on my google reader, so I hadn't seen it yet!

    Questions: what is your dream job?

    Do you think you will still be running in 10 years? 20 years?

    who is your celebrity crush, girl and guy?

    If I were to run a 10k, what is a great workout that will get me even somewhat close to how fast you are?

  16. Hi there Haylee,
    I've been reading your blog for awhile dearie (hope you don't mind!) You are truly an inspiration. I love what you wrote about "remember that food is your friend". It is! We need it to feel energized and RUN and laugh and smile and have the energy to love each other. Keep fighting <3

  17. Hey Hayley,
    I love your blog! I've been reading for a while but not commented much. I can't wait to see your Q&A post! I have a couple questions...

    1). What types of thoughts do you notice before you binge?? That's hard to answer, I know. My therapist helped me realize what exactly was coming up for me specifically before I binged and it really helped me to make progress.

    2). What have you found to be the most useful healthy ways to manage stress/anxiety??

  18. Do you have a southern drawl? :) Or were you from somewhere else and then moved to Mississippi?

  19. Hey Sweetheart<3
    I have been thinking about questions for you for like forever, but Im terrible at coming up with any (not just for you, Im just bad at coming up with Qs in general) :) I really do look forward to your answeres on all the Qs above though :D
    And actually, I have a few of my own:
    1. How does your workout-schedule look like?
    2. How and when did your ED start?

    Love you, and I hope you are having some good days <3

  20. Does your the idea of having children cause any anxiety/concern when thinking about your eating disorder? Do you have a habit of comparing yourself to others and how do you stop your brain from doing this? Did you ever consider going inpatient during your recovery? Are there certain members of your immediate family that you are very close with? Do you think anything having to do with your family aided in the development of your ed? Are there certain comments you were told during your recovery that were taken the wrong way/offensive to you? Tell us more about your high school running/experiences. Alright that's what i'd love to hear from you about! Plus all the others!! you rock :) can't wait for this post!!