Wednesday, July 27, 2011

12 miles w/ broken tempo

2.5 mile easy
2 mile tempo- 11:33
.5 mile easy
2 mile tempo- 11:34
.5 mile easy
2 mile tempo- 11:11
2.5 mile cooldown

I know I ran fast, but I feel like it should have been easier to hit the times that I did..
Today was the first day of summer training that I actually hurt like I do in a race.
I love that.
As my coach's wife was pulling away from me during the second set, I was thinking, "Is this what you're going to do in a race, Haley? At SEC's, you're just going to lay down and let Florida/Vanderbilt/Georgia run to the Championship title? No ma'am!" So I pushed.
And it felt so good to run fast and run through pain. The finish was the best part. I felt like I was flying, and I could have gone forever. *Although, in reality I probably could not hold onto that pace for very much longer at all, ha!*

This is why I love running!
This is why I need to continue fueling my body.
I also need to work on doing all of the little things right.. eat, sleep, hydrate.. all very important and necessary for optimal training.

P.s. My nutritionist that had a baby foreveeerrr ago and I haven't seen (in session) since, Kelly, texted me today saying she read my blog and was wondering if I'm doing okay and if I want to come in and see her.
I know she read it cuz I accidentally did this stupid facebook app that publishes your posts to the news feed. EEk! So I deleted it.
Nevertheless, I replied saying it would probably be good for me to see her, but I don't want to know my weight. I know it's high, and that would just be triggering for me, I think.

Also, my therapist is out of town at a psych convention, but she called last night to check on me, and she said she'll call later this week to kind of do a session over the phone..? Idk! She really cares for me. I think it will be good to talk to her.

Annddd I am moving into my new house this Friday!!! Woot! I'm moving little things in now, but I will officially be out of my apartment with all of these horrible memories in less than 2 days!
So excited :))

Hope everyone is having a happy Hump day :)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you get to move, especially into a house. It's so much better than an apartment! Then again I live in an apartment so yeah =/. Still though, it's much better!

    Glad you were able to do the workout and hit the times, even if it was hard. You will totally rock XC this year and SECs. I don't even know where our school(University of S. Carolina) is with XC, but since you didn't mention them, I'm pretty sure they don't exactly dominate track/cross country.

    Fueling your body really does make a difference too :). It's that moment when you start thinking of yourself as an athlete and not just an ED or depressed etc, that recovery really makes sense.


  2. Solid fuel really makes all the difference in workouts!! I love the feeling like you could keep going and going at the gym haha :) Energy is a good thing!!

    Hope the visit with your nutritionist is great :)

  3. Stay strong Haley!
    I hope you're therapy goes well.
    And good luck moving!!

  4. glad to hear you're doing better! Questions for you: how did you find your therapist/nutritionist? How often do you see them and how often did you go initially?

  5. What a great run Haley- Im super impressed :D
    Your therapist sounds so nice, like she really cares for you! I saw mine a few weeks back, and it was so helpful!I hope you figure everything out soon, with her help! :)
    Stay strong sweetie! You are in my thoughts!
    And good luck with moving <3

  6. perhaps it was for the best that your nutritionist saw your post? :) (just my 2 cents)

    I'm glad you have a wonderful therapist. I absolutely LOVE mine. She is pretty blunt, tough love type of person, and awesome.

    Congrats on your run. I totally can relate to that "high".

    Hugs. xxxx

  7. It's great to hear you're doing better. Sometimes those lows can feel so consuming but next time you feel that way try to remind yourself that you WILL pull out of it.
    I'm proud of you, Haley. Keep fueling your body. You are WORTH it!

  8. So proud of you, Haley! Good luck with the move home- I'm so happy for you!!! That's awesome that you're going to get to see Kelly. :-) I'm glad you have such a supportive treatment team- you deserve it all! Keep reminding yourself what a special and strong woman you are, and have an AMAZING summer!!!!!!!

  9. Hey Haley! I'm just now getting to read your blog and I'm bookmarking it right now. I'm a recreational runner, but I've experienced alot of the same things you have with eating and running. Keep it up with your treatment and good luck with your upcoming season. I'm looking forward to following you - oh and you should be getting your shirts any day now :)

  10. I"VE MISSED YOU TOO!! I'm so so happy this hotel I'm in now has free internet, cos I've missed you so much!! <3

    AWESOME run!! I've never heard of a broken tempo before, but it sounds killer, and your splits ROCK!! Can't wait till I can do tempos again!! So happy to hear you're doing better, and moving to your own house sounds AMAZING! Good luck with the move!! And hey if you don't like your roomies I'll be more than happy to take their place ;)

    LOVE YOU!!! <3

  11. Here's a question for the Q and A: what's your stance on abstinence and sex?